Tomb of Horros, Part 1, The Keep

Deeper in We go

Tackle Everything!

When you leave Winterhaven to deal with the Kobold Lair, you get ambushed again…

5 creatures this time. Noting too bad, 3 D-shields, 1 Skirmisher,and a Wyrmpriest. Fargrim tackled and cleaved 2 or more down, The blur was too much for my eyes. Cleric doing his thing, buffing everything and its grandmother up. Zamora running away like a pansy, While griff keep sneak attacking the kobold in the face. Norfire doing his best not to use his daily.

You make your way to the Lair out side of a big waterfall. Fargrim, once again, tackled one of the D-Shields into another kobold killing the poor thing. Griff throwing daggers like it was candy into everyone’s back, helped considerably. Norfire, got white kobold “glue” to his face. And was immobilized half of the encounter, and also KOd. Zamora using her chaos to help riddle down their numbers of the small army.

After finishing the runaway skirmisher, you decide to take a short rest, readying for the biggest battle yet, that and Allen had a life.

cleric had a vision during that time of a woman, snapped in half by an Orc. He tells everyone and cried himself to sleep. while griff ries to “calm” down zamora.

Until Next time, On the POWER RANGERS!!!! (Theme song)



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