Tomb of Horros, Part 1, The Keep

This will change you for the better


Days go by. Months even. Before the party ever finds a little shimmer of adventure. Lost in the darkness called boredom. Many would consider the average life a good life, but not this strange group of humanoids. You, the party, spend what loot you have left in the tavern, and speak of the adventures you have shared together. On this average day, you decide to go to the tavern and speak about your days of adventure to everyone. The town loved the way you told your stories. They felt safe, and the farmers and smiths worked with no worry of a raid. But on this night, this night was different. You notice someone not of this town, come inside. The usual travelers do come by, but this young women has ragged clothes, stained with blood and mud. She runs to the cleric, her eyes locked and lost in the deva’s eyes. She speaks no words, she is as frightened as she could be. She looks like she has gone through hell to get where she is now. There are no town near for miles, even days, on the King’s Road. The Paladin steps down from his makeshift stage. The party soon surrounds the girl, she seems around the age of 25. Beautiful blond hair but her beauty is hard to see from all the mud. She seems ready to speak after a few drinks of cider, and a good meal the orc barkeep whipped up from yesterdays leftovers, he points out the you still have to pay.

OOC: The party has known each other for several years. There are no turns on the play-by-post in these types of situations but feel free to ask her relevant questions, NO SEXUAL INUINDO PLZ I made her pretty for a reason. Her charisma is like 18 so guys holdback. Or I might have her get a disease, (incurable from spells or rituals or wishes, or anything) Know I ask the question that will set you guys off into a path of righteousness… “What do you do?”


Girl- “Kobolds… So many…. Kobolds. I tried to fight them off but they were too many. You need to help me!!! (sobbing) they killed my little sister,Ann. We were running, from the city of Winterhaven. I studied religious cults, rituals and spells. And during that time I noticed that the kobolds are up to something… Something big. I think it has to do with the Shadowfell. I noticed Cultists walking in the outskirts of the city. They must’ve taken notice of me because on the day I decided to leave with my sister, they followed me. We ran but I can only run so fast without leaving my sister behind… And then they attacked, This is the only town for miles on the Kings road, please I think the city is in trouble, I need to find my sister’s body. They took her when one of the kobold threw their… Spear, I was able to dodge it but I didn’t know my sister would be caught by it… Please you need to help me find her!”

OOC: She seems very tired you only have a few questions before she looks like she might just knock-out into a long sleep. The town you are in is a small town located on the Kings road. The party knows of the city but hasn’t really gone to it just because it was never a town that stood out in crime or much of anything, you guys like to be in the towns where highway robbers are popular.


dose she have any injuries we need to attend before she passes out?
1)What kind of religious cults, rituals and spells where you studying that got the kobolds attention?

2) Why not go to the town guards for help? and if you could see the kobolds why didn’t the guards see them and did something about it?


adventure will resume on the forum, this scene is called “Just another boring night”


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