Fargrim the depressed


STR 16
CON 18 +2 (racial)
DEX 14
INT 12
WIS 10 +2 (racial)
CHA 10

HP 34
Int +3
Speed 5
AC 19
Fort 16
Reflex 15
Will 12

Craghammer 1d10
Scale Armor
Heavy Shield
Adventurer’s kit
5 pints of Ale



Fargrim, once a strong warrior from the village of Frostfell until it was overran by the orcs. Fargrim lost everything and everyone dear to him. He now resides in Waterdeep, mostly at the local tavern. He holds himself responsible for not being able to protect his village, therefore the burden drives him to drink. He is always willing to help out the townsmen when needed to try to rectify his guilt from Frostfell. He is respected in that sense however, he does not talk much to the townsmen unless necessary.


Tomb of Horros, Part 1, The Keep FargrimDwarf