Zamora the student.


STR 14
CON 10
DEX 11
INT 10
CHA 18 +2 (racial)

22 HP
Int +0
Spd 6
12 AC
Fort 13
Reflex 11
Will 18

Cloth Armor
Adventurer’s Kit


Zamora was a student of a one of the great wizards from the North. She was a fairly new student only with him for 6 months. Then he was ambushed and killed by those he did not believe in his magical ways. Zamora is a bit of a loner, her parents both were killed in a great war 10 years ago. She raised her younger sister who is 11. She was taken by the ones that killed her master. She only seeks their whereabouts now, she will exchange services for information and has made a bit of a name for herself as an adventurer. But don’t let that fool you she only cares about getting her sister back.


Tomb of Horros, Part 1, The Keep FargrimDwarf