Tomb of Horros, Part 1, The Keep

Lord Padraig's Quest Complete
Zamora is no mora

Gaining Entrance to the Kobold Lair, the party decides to funnel all the enemies, Great Strategy, After the battle is done, you let your guard down and Zamora is taken away by an ugly orc brute. Sadly not having a ranger really made the chance of tracking horrible. The party heads back to Winterhaven to rest up and find out more about what is going on around the small town.

Deeper in We go
Tackle Everything!

When you leave Winterhaven to deal with the Kobold Lair, you get ambushed again…

5 creatures this time. Noting too bad, 3 D-shields, 1 Skirmisher,and a Wyrmpriest. Fargrim tackled and cleaved 2 or more down, The blur was too much for my eyes. Cleric doing his thing, buffing everything and its grandmother up. Zamora running away like a pansy, While griff keep sneak attacking the kobold in the face. Norfire doing his best not to use his daily.

You make your way to the Lair out side of a big waterfall. Fargrim, once again, tackled one of the D-Shields into another kobold killing the poor thing. Griff throwing daggers like it was candy into everyone’s back, helped considerably. Norfire, got white kobold “glue” to his face. And was immobilized half of the encounter, and also KOd. Zamora using her chaos to help riddle down their numbers of the small army.

After finishing the runaway skirmisher, you decide to take a short rest, readying for the biggest battle yet, that and Allen had a life.

cleric had a vision during that time of a woman, snapped in half by an Orc. He tells everyone and cried himself to sleep. while griff ries to “calm” down zamora.

Until Next time, On the POWER RANGERS!!!! (Theme song)

Into the Brink
Heal Me Hurry

Small creatures hiding behind the rocks spring into view and begin to move toward the party. With a shriek, the small humanoids attack. Scaled and rust-colored, they have reptilian heads and

The ambush is fierce, as so many of the rust colored cretins rush from their hiding places. They strike fast and wound a couple adventurers. One kobold goes down, two just come back to fight. Arai is trying his best to keep everyone alive, yet Norfire is overwhelmed and taken down. Zamora gets flanked but she is able to get out. Griff being cunning and swift as a raptor deals great damage to many of the foes and takes them down like it is his business, and business is good. Fargrim cleaves the crowd of reptiles and send blood into the sky. The battle is won. The adventurers are the victors.

The party walked into Winterhaven and head to Wrafton’s Inn. There you meet the owner, and points you to Ninaran, Marla’s friend. She tells you about the hunches she has and points you to a good job, and also to the area where Ann might be. Lord Padraig offers 100 GP for the extermination of the brave kolbolds.

Dauven Stall, an aspiring middle aged adventurer, has gone missing for months. His wife has been trying to find anyone to locate him but has no luck. When the party offer their services, she seems relieved and cries tears of joy, hoping to see her husband soon.

The order of business will be to take down the Kobold Lair and then head to the Dragon Lair, we will see how you will be tested. What will happen next??

It feels like an...AMBUSH
On The Road Again

The party says their Goodbyes, and begin the trek to Winterhaven, days go by and Arai, along with Norfire, begin to see the city just a few minutes away. The wind in your face is cool and comfortable. The road beneath your feet are level. An occasional ancient cobblestone peeks through the dirt road, indicating decades of neglect. You notice footprints leading up and down the road, many of which were made by small, clawed feet.As you walk down the winding road, shadows in the forest seem to pass here and there, bushes rustle, noise coming from all direction, Even behind you…

Just as fast you get a feeling in the pit of your stomach,the feeling you love, you sense a battle. Loud noises resonate in the woods, familiar in dialogue, you take a moment to remember, and the memories flash back into your head… AN AMBUSH…

Always be ready

Story so far: The adventurers decide to have a good time at the town’s tavern, soon Marla, a very pretty young women, enters and begs the nearest heroes for help. The party being the kind that love danger accept her quest and set off to the city of Winterhaven

What will they do next?

This will change you for the better

Days go by. Months even. Before the party ever finds a little shimmer of adventure. Lost in the darkness called boredom. Many would consider the average life a good life, but not this strange group of humanoids. You, the party, spend what loot you have left in the tavern, and speak of the adventures you have shared together. On this average day, you decide to go to the tavern and speak about your days of adventure to everyone. The town loved the way you told your stories. They felt safe, and the farmers and smiths worked with no worry of a raid. But on this night, this night was different. You notice someone not of this town, come inside. The usual travelers do come by, but this young women has ragged clothes, stained with blood and mud. She runs to the cleric, her eyes locked and lost in the deva’s eyes. She speaks no words, she is as frightened as she could be. She looks like she has gone through hell to get where she is now. There are no town near for miles, even days, on the King’s Road. The Paladin steps down from his makeshift stage. The party soon surrounds the girl, she seems around the age of 25. Beautiful blond hair but her beauty is hard to see from all the mud. She seems ready to speak after a few drinks of cider, and a good meal the orc barkeep whipped up from yesterdays leftovers, he points out the you still have to pay.

OOC: The party has known each other for several years. There are no turns on the play-by-post in these types of situations but feel free to ask her relevant questions, NO SEXUAL INUINDO PLZ I made her pretty for a reason. Her charisma is like 18 so guys holdback. Or I might have her get a disease, (incurable from spells or rituals or wishes, or anything) Know I ask the question that will set you guys off into a path of righteousness… “What do you do?”

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